“Is anyone out there?”, He called past the white film in front of him, half expecting gunfire to be the only response from the outside world, “I need some help!”

No response, only a silent world called.

He called out again, louder this time, “hello? I need someone to help me!”

Only the wind responded as it brushed against the white film covering the house.

It was time, he thought to himself, time to leave this place. He pulled back the film, revealing the world behind it. Everything was so beautiful, it seemed like everything was so filled with life, the grass long and green, every tree emblazoned was with leaves, birds sang from their branches, the world of nature was at peace and at its most beautiful. There was no one, not a soul for blocks around. He expected to see government agents patrolling the streets, looking for people who may have broken the quarantine, looking for people to shoot, but there was nobody, there wasn’t even evidence that any one had ever even been there.

Maybe they expanded the quarantine zone to the city limits in order to better control the plague, he rationalized to himself, perhaps the virus got out of hand and the agents needed to flee to avoid getting sick themselves. Whatever may have been the case, one was still certain, a certainty that he was still unsure how he felt about; he was still alone.

He walked down the street, enjoying the fresh air as it blew past him. Being stuck inside that house for almost a month put a great burden on his heart that the cool breeze of the earth was quickly relieving. It was a clear day in June, a slight wind was in the air but despite that the day very warm. He walked through the neighborhood, he observed the houses as he walked by. Some houses had the quarantine film covering them, others didn’t. Those who didn’t, David assumed were vacant, which gave him hope that the covered houses may still have people inside.

David stared at the quarantined houses in mysterious wonder, if he had survived the Quarantine, then surely others had survived as well he thought to himself. He knew he had to start looking for other survivors, but deep down, he admitted to himself he really didn’t want to find anybody. The people (or rather person) he loved most were gone and never coming back, that was an absolute. He didn’t want to find anybody else, he didn’t need a friend to be okay he told himself over and over, no stranger could ever fill the void in his heart that she no longer could fill.

This is part 3 of The Fourth Horsemen series that I’m writing.

Part 2: https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/48105977/posts/1546004598

Part 1: https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/111064575/posts/81

I also have a patreon where you can help support my writing, I would greatly appreciate that

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/MichaelBKubly

Thank you for reading!

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