For the past four days, he hadn’t heard even the slightest of noises come from the outside world. It felt as though civilization itself had disappeared overnight and David was there, left behind, trapped in the house he had come to hate.

He hated that house, the house where bad memories grew like a mold. He wanted nothing more than to leave, but he didn’t know if he could or really should. The rules were simple: do not leave the house, violators of this rule will be shot. But David admitted to himself that this punishment didn’t bring him much fear. if he to stay another day in that house, he would gladly shoot himself.

After briefly thinking through his predicament, he decided what he was going to do: he was going to wait till 3pm, the time they usually came, if they don’t come, he was going to poke his head out his front door and yell for help, if no help comes and he doesn’t hear anything, he was going to leave the quarantine zone.

He impatiently waited till the right, which to him felt like an eternity. It wasn’t until 2:45 that he began to get to get nervous, the minutes counted away, and David’s heart began to beat. Were they going to come? He asked himself.

2:59 finally hit the clock. His heart was racing now.

3:00 came. But it was followed by silence.

A small disappointment covered in joy wrapped his heart. Joy because the silence could mean that he could leave the dwelling he hated, the silence hinted that the quarantine was abandoned and the rules it dictated no longer applied. But the disappointed that followed was inspired by the fact that the silence also meant he had to face his fear of leaving the quarantine zone, for all he knew the agents could have very well been outside the whole time, if this were the case then him leaving the quarantine zone could result in his death. All these things he knew all too well, but he didn’t care, he needed to take a risk.

He walked to the door, working against the gravity of fear that tried to drag him away into somewhere, anywhere that was safer. But he persisted, and opened the door.


The is Part 2 of the Fourth Horsemen series. If would like to read part 1 the link is right here:

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