He looked down into the valley towards the ruins of Seneca Falls, a small mountain town he felt confident that he had visited once before. Even at the distance he was at the extent of the destruction that laid waste to the town was clearly seen. Every building looked like an old cardboard box, each with it’s walls either fallen or eroded away. The streets were littered with mud, rubble, and ash. He walked down into the valley, praying the town still bore resources to exploit.

As he continued, he thought he could sense something in the silence. Yet, he quickly dismissed it as a mere hallucination induced by loneliness. Soon the noise was louder, it was like a high pitched chirp and Marcus soon realized the noise was no hallucination. He stopped where he was and listened. The chirping grew louder and soon he could hear it near him. He bolted around in fear as to what it might be, but as soon as he found the noises’ source his fear melted away into amazement.

Sitting on a burnt out tree stump sat a little white bird. It sat perched gently on the blackened wood, innocently singing its song. Marcus inched forward as silently as possible full of curiosity. Why would a bird be hanging around here? He thought leaning in to get a closer look. It had been years since Marcus had heard a bird. The small critter turned its head still singing and Marcus glimpsed its sad brown eyes.

Then it dawned on him, the gentle bird’s song echoed in Marcus’ heart as a desperate plea of hope and longing. With every note sung the cry could be felt for at least one of its brothers to hear him and come to cure the bird of its loneliness. Marcus marveled at the creature, it had been so long since he had seen an animal of any kind. He was beginning to believe they had all left the world. As quickly as it came, it left, flying into the distance.


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A special thank you to Alan K. Jackson who worked as my scribe in this short story.
Check out his New YouTube channel: A.K.Jackson Channel

Featured Image: http://interactioninstitute.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Seneca-Falls-.jpg

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