Sunlight peaked through the window, a small pillar of light crept onto the bed, illuminating David’s face just enough to rouse him from a light sleep. His nights rest was always short these days. Sleep was now an exhausting task to him, not a pleasurable one. David hated sleeping now, at least during the day he could do things to keep his mind off the pain he harbored inside, but at night, while he lay in that dreaded bed, he had to face the demons that would dance like fire in his head. His brain and heart burning with each thought as the demons would ceaselessly sow bad memories inside that would bring him so low he that he would believe that he was never going see the light of day again. Never remember what it was like to be happy.

He would lay there and torture himself as painful thoughts crept into his brain like a maggot on a fresh corpse, all he could do was pray for rest, which would thankfully come thanks to the sleep medicine he would abuse before going to bed.

The young man laid in bed, in a sleep induced stupor, but he could feel, and what he felt was happiness. In that brief stupor, he discovered that oblivion brings joy, but alas, after a few seconds the oblivion faded and memories flooded his brain like water splashing out of a broken dam. He remembered who he was and the pain he was now very familiar with. It gripped his heart painfully, an emotional pain that was so intense that as far as he was concerned it was physical. He recounted everything in his head, but made an effort to leave out the painful details. His thoughts began to flow:

It has been 17 days since the quarantine, 14 days since my friends left, 13 days since she got since she first started feeling ill, 9 days since I lost her, 8 days since they took her from me, 4 days since the last came. Why haven’t they come back since? Where are they? 

He walked up to window, and tried to look through the window, not to look out though, the whole house was covered in a plastic film that was designed to keep any bacteria inside the home. The film obscured everything outside so visibility was out of the question, but he could still hear the world around him and that’s what he planned to do. He opened the window and tried to listen for any sounds of life. He didn’t expect to hear much, every since the government declared martial law the town had become very quiet, as though it were a ghost town, but the government was always at work and David could always here their vehicles in the distance.

He listened for about half an hour.

Nothing, he heard nothing.

Is there anyone even out there?

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